Friday, June 19, 2009

Tried a New Challenge

So I'm dabbling with designing, playing with all the menus in Photoshop. Who knew there were so many??

Anyway, I found this challenge over at called Pick Your Palette. What you do is this: you choose a photo and then select a palette of 5 colors from the image. I used a color palette generator online (you upload your image and a few seconds later you have about 15 colors to choose from -- it's awesome). Then you post your photo and swatch in the gallery and also in the thread. The woman in charge of the challenge PMs you with the kit pieces, all in gray scale, that you have to recolor to the shades in your swatch, and then make a layout with those pieces. Make sense?

Here's my layout. It's a photo taken while on a trip to Alaska. Mendenhall Glacier is in the back to the left dumping out into the lake of freezing cold water. This little clump of flowers, and I didn't see anything else like them around there, was calling me.

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